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      Wedding cinematography and videography

      Short Feature | Full Feature | Same Day Edit

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      How much does videographer cost for a wedding?


      $3400 / Day
      • Full Day Up To 12 Hours / Midnight Cinematographer
      • Full Day Up To 12 Hours / Midnight Secondary Cinematographer
      • High Definition Short Feature Film
      • Full Feature Documentary Film
      • Drone Coverage
      • Raw Footage Download


      $2800 / Day
      • Full Day Up To 12 Hours / Midnight Cinematographer
      • High Definition Short Feature Film
      • Full Feature Documentary Film
      • Raw Footage Download


      $3900 / Day
      • Full Day Up To 12 Hours / Midnight Cinematographer
      • Full Day Up To 12 Hours / Midnight Secondary Cinematographer
      • Same Day Edit Highlight
      • Full Feature Documentary Film
      • Drone Coverage
      • Raw Footage Download
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      Non- Linear Wedding Highlight Videos

      Beyond film, storytelling is essential to create an unique wedding story. Non-linear wedding highlight videos specializes in narrative persuasion across a wide range of mediums and verticals. We are Focus photography, Toronto’s premier wedding videography company. From passionate wedding videographers to fantastic wedding celebrations, our wedding photographers have you covered.

      Non--linear highlight reels are a ranged between 3 to 5 minutes. Our editors tend to incorporate speeches from the reception, readings from the ceremony, the morning’s wedding letters, and the clips played are not in sequential order.?Our wedding videographers can also include your very first moments along with the rest of your wedding day. From humble beginnings to one of the best wedding videographers in Toronto, our mission is to help you capture unforgettable memories on your wedding day.

      Linear Wedding Highlight Videos

      A Linear Wedding Highlight Film is the staple product of the wedding videography world. It might also be known as a short film. For some wedding videographers it’s a simple montage set to an uplifting piece of music. For us, it’s a carefully assembled narrative illustrated by the very best visuals from your day, from the moment the couple begins their preparations to the reception dance floor.?

      Our team of wedding video editors, chose a single, perfect piece of music that ties together all of the audio-visual elements that we have captured. Often we’ll identify a theme or emotion that sums up the experience of the wedding and emphasize that through the vows and speeches. The Highlight Film may be short (3 to 5 minutes ), but it’s the kind of video you’ll be watching, sharing and watching again. Who says precious memories can’t be captured in short films?

      Same Day Edit

      You might be wondering to yourself, what exactly is a same-day edit and why do I need it? A same-day edit is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a cinematic 3 to 4 minute film that tells your story of the wedding day as it unfolds in front your eyes from the bride and groom’s perspective.

      A Same Day Edit is essentially a wedding trailer of your day, but it’s shown in a more creative way. Traditionally, after the wedding happens, we take all the footage and edit it into a trailer.

      With a Same Day Edit, we will feature your trailer LIVE at your reception in front of all your guests to watch. Not only will your event take centre stage, it’s a great way to capture a countless number of beautiful things at your wedding for many years.

      NexT Day Edit

      A next day edit cinematic experience is not only surreal for the bride and groom watching, but also for the guests as well. What makes this a unique experience is that it recaps your beautiful day at the height of everyone’s emotions. A Next Day Edit (In a similar vein to the same day edit, a next day edit is a highlight reel reserved for weddings which span multiple days) can highlight the important and heartfelt moments, all while reminding everyone why they were gathered in the first place! Our wedding videographers love creating cinematic wedding films and being able to show them during the wedding celebrations is just a bonus!

      Full Feature Documentary

      We certify and manage all of our cinematographers to make sure that every one of our shoots and films is created in the same, consistent style and lives up to our company’s and brides’ standards. Each Feature Film is handled with artistic talent, resulting in a final product that we’re proud of and that you will love. You can trust our videography connoisseurs to get the moment right.

      A full feature documentary incorporates custom music overlay, color correction, and covers all the events of the day of to create an experience of your special day from beginning to the dance floor.?Length varies from 50 to 180 minutes or more, depending on the events of the day and if your wedding celebration spans into multiple days.

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      Do I really need videography for my wedding?

      Should you hire a wedding videographer? The answer is YES!

      Focus is your premiere boutique wedding videography and photography service in Toronto and all around Ontario.?

      While some couples may think that wedding videography is just an additional, unnecessary expense to their special day, more often than not, do they also later regret not hiring our team of toronto wedding cinematographers to create their wedding videos.?

      This is one of the most frequently made mistakes by Toronto and Ontario couples as they work through their options.?Wedding videography?is equally as important as wedding photography.?

      Wedding Videography shot list and What should my wedding videographer know?

      Recording wedding videos of the love and affections of your beloved ones, gives you the ability to hear those vows again, to hear the laughter between the Groom and the Groomsmen, and to see the tears flowing from the Maid of Honour during her speech again will bring those memories back to life in your wedding films in toronto. Our Toronto wedding videographer team in Ontario covers everything in the wedding videography shot list.?


      Wedding Videography IDEAS

      Wedding videography in Toronto are all the rage these days. Get it right, and you will have something to cherish for the rest of your life. That’s where our toronto wedding videographer team comes in!

      Need some wedding videography ideas? We have got your wedding video covered. Whether you’re planning a grand romantic outdoor wedding or a small cozy wedding with just close friends and family has you covered. 

      “After being presented with different vendor options from our weeding planner, we decided to go with Focus.

      We were impressed after our initial meeting with them and with their portfolio of photos.?Our planner said the photographers at Focus ‘move like ninjas’. True enough they were able to take some amazing shots during our wedding ceremony not only capturing photos of the wedding ceremony, but candid reactions of our guests in attendance as well.?The team did a great job in getting our outside shots done and the video work was an A+ and great addition to our wedding trailer video.?We had great moments filming and we really do think they’re one of the best if not THE best wedding videographer out there. Our photos and videos were delivered in a reasonable time and the team at focus responds to any inquiries we had promptly as well.?If you are looking for a company that takes and delivers great photos, I would recommend Focus. They offer great service and value for your money.”

      -John H.